Stay In Bed specialises in the design and sale of innovative sofa beds. Along with our personal touch customer service and almost 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, we are dedicated to providing high quality products designed with safety and strength at the forefront.

Therefore we ensure both our furniture and fabrics are thoroughly tested and certified by official quality assurance providers. So you can rest easy knowing your sofa is both safe for you and your household, and built to endure years of enjoyment.

BS EN 13759

Built to last

Thoroughly FIRA tested with cycles equivalent of opening and closing your sofa bed every day for 10 years.

BS EN 16139

Staying strong

FIRA tested with over a quarter of a million presses to ensure your sofa stays as comfy as the day you got it.

Enduring Fabrics

Laboratory tested for abrasion, our fabrics and designed for strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Water resistant

Tested in laboratory conditions, our fabrics are manufactured to repel liquid instead of absorbing it, making them both stain resistant and easy to clean.

The Final Product

Combining all this with our designer's eye for modern style, along side innovative ergonomic solutions, we're very happy with the result. We think you will be too.