One Touch Open

With our Featherglide™ system

Fully pocket sprung

Like a real mattress

Built in Storage

Space saving solutions

Free delivery* and assembly to room of choice
Lovingly Hand made by expert craftsmen
Sleep Trial
30 day at home sleep trial
Free delivery* and assembly to room of choice

Luxury Seating. Instant Sleeping

Stay in Bed has revolutionised the sofa bed into a practical piece of furniture that is as comfortable by day as it is by night! If you’re expecting overnight guests and have limited space, we can provide a functional, comfortable and beautiful solution.



With our revolutionary Featherglide™ mechanism, you’ll have no trouble changing your stylish sofa into your luxuriously comfortable sofa bed.

Pocket Sprung

The Best Night’s Sleep You’ll Ever Have

Once transformed from a sofa to a bed, our luxuriously deep pocket sprung mattress guarantees the most restful sleep you’ll ever have.

Clever Storage

Essential Built-in Cushion Storage

Including inbuilt practical storage solutions for any cushions that won’t be used when the bed is up, our sofa beds ensure a clutter-free experience.

Stain resistant fabric

Using fabrics that can withstand your family’s daily demands in the busiest room of your house, our sofa beds are water repellent, hardwearing, stain resistant and pet friendly.

Designed for Delivery

Our sofa beds can be delivered and put together in the tightest of spaces; they are designed with ease of assembly in mind.

Choose Sustainable

We use only sustainable, eco-friendly materials to make our beautiful sofa beds and most importantly, in doing this, we haven’t compromised on quality.

From our customers
From our customers
Very happy with our Hugo sofa bed, super comfy as a sofa and bed. The built in storage for the cushions means I don't have to pile them up somewhere.
— Janet Hibbert