Busy homes demand a sofa fabric that is designed to give luxurious comfort, while still being hardwearing and easy to clean.

Ideal for relaxing with the family, socialising with friends and sleeping on, our fabrics are made from specially selected sustainable materials to guarantee durability and a luxury finish.

Stain Resistant

Our fabrics use Easy Clean Technology which allow you to remove even tough stains without using harsh chemicals. Simply use water and see the stain disappear. Even stubborn stains can be removed with a touch of soap and water! Essential for busy households.

Water blocking

We have worked tirelessly to find the best fabrics to use to meet our tough requirements. To ensure durability, we use water blocking fabrics. These fabrics ensure that when you spill any liquids on your sofa bed, the fabric will repel the liquid rather than absorb it. Perfect for quickly cleaning away those unwanted spills.


Sustainability is on everyone’s mind right now, but finding an environmentally friendly product should never mean you have to compromise on durability and style. At Stay in Bed, we don’t compromise! Our sofa beds are both environmentally friendly, stylish and built to last.
Containing a recycled yarn element and sourced from suppliers who are continually working to cut their carbon footprint, reduce their energy and water consumption, we are keeping the planet at the forefront of our business without compromising on quality.

Pet Friendly

Pet hairs need not be a problem either. Thanks to our pet friendly fabrics, pet hair will not penetrate into the fabric and instead can be easily removed.

Baby Safe

Stay In Bed fabrics have met strict manufacturing standards ensuring they are safe for you and your family

Eco Friendly

Our fabrics are free from harmful chemicals making them safe for the environment

Oeko-tex Certified

Stay In Bed fabrics are Oeko-tex certified. Each fabric has been rigorously tested against up to 350 toxic chemicals

Water Blocking

Stay In bed fabrics are covered with a special protective coating, forming a water repellent layer which prevents rapid fluid seepage

Abrasion Resistant

Our fabrics thoroughly lab tested to ensure they are hard wearing, with a range of rub counts from 35,000 to 100,000

Recycled Yarn

Stay In Bed fabrics are made from recycled polyster, featuring yarn made from PET recycled bottles, making the whole manufacturing process less harmful to the environment

Pet Friendly

Easy clean properties allow for easy animal hair removal along with water resistant features making Stay in Bed fabrics perfect for pet owners

Ignition Certified

Stay in Bed fabric covers are flame tested and match resistant and ignition certified

Fabric FAQ

Are your fabrics easy to clean?

The fabrics used in our sofa beds are incredibly easy to clean. Most spillages can be removed with water. Even tough marks can be removed with ordinary soap and water! No need for any harsh chemicals!

To clean your sofa bed:
Initially blot off any liquid with a paper towel.
Apply several drops of water to the stain.
Use a normal bar of hand soap in a circular motion to loosen the stain
Rub the stain gently with a cloth using further circular motions
Apply further drops of water
Blot the area with a paper towel until dry

Are your fabrics hard wearing?

Yes. Our fabrics are designed to be used on furniture in the busiest room of your house! They are designed to withstand every day use in a busy family home.

Are your fabrics pet friendly?

Yes. Our fabrics are designed to ensure that pet hairs cannot
penetrate into them. Pet hairs are instead easily removed by using a vaccum cleaner or simply removing them with your fingers.

Are your fabrics environmentally friendly?

Yes. We take our responsibility in protecting the planet seriously so we only use suppliers who take the environment seriously too. Our fabrics are sustainable, made with a recycled element. And our supplier is committed to reducing their carbon footprint, their water and energy consumption. We have a sharp focus on these issues whilst not compromising on the quality of our fabrics to ensure that your sofa bed looks and feels amazing whilst allowing you a clear conscious.